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We take pride in knowing every couple is unique, and we love to capture your most important day with a modern – cinematic style video.   We don’t stage shots. We witness them.  A moment that years from now will remain beautifully composed and emotionally alive.

Blue Chip Media offers an expe­ri­ence specif­i­cally tai­lored to YOU.  We aren’t your traditional wedding videographer that just points the camera and shoots.  We capture the emotion of the day and turn it into a memory you’ll have for the rest of your lives.  We are a PNW videography company that travels all over the country for our clients.  We enjoy traveling, but most of all we love to capture your story.

We think actions speak louder than words; so check out some of our recent weddings below.  You can also just jump right in and send us an email at or give us a call at (208)283-0527.

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Our process is simple.  You select your package.   The difference between each package is the length we’re there shooting, and the total length of your highlight feature film that we deliver to you.

From there, you can choose to add items like drone footage or the full ceremony feature.  We know it’s not a one size fits all model.  Going this route ensures we’re customizing to your specific needs.

Get It Covered

$ 1350


Just the footage from the camera

Delivered on Hard-Drive

6 hours of coverage

1 HD camera

Audio of the toasts

Economy Package

$ 2000

3-4 minute Feature Film

Audio entwined

6 hours of coverage

1 HD camera

Audio of the Toasts

Preferred PackageMost Popular

$ 2500

5-8 minute Feature Film

Audio entwined

8 hours of coverage

2 HD cameras

Audio of the toasts


Ceremony Full Feature

Aerial Footage

Raw Footage

Additional Shooters

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