Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate your website?

Home Page

• You should see 4 letters.

• Click each letter and it will take you to that specific page.

• To go back, press the x button in the upper right corner.

To view our portfolio(s),

• Scroll down and the menu button reveals

• Select the “menu” button and choose your page

Other Pages

Use the menu at the very top of the page to navigate throughout the website.

Where are you located?

We’re a virtual company.  Our HQ is based in Eagle, ID with our team scattered throughout the United States.  We do this so we can properly service our clients across the country with the very best creatives.

Do you travel?

Our gear was built for travel.  Since our team is in Southern California, Boise, Idaho, and Seattle, Washington we get to travel.  We do our best to utilize local crews in the area to ensure we keep things local.

How long will it take to get our videos?

Delivery of your videos really depends on the level of production you are hiring us for.  You can expect most videos to be delivered within 1-3 weeks from the completion of shooting.

Wedding videos are delivered within 90 days of your event.

You do weddings videos?

We’re a cinematic production company that specializes in short-form videos.  In doing so, we’ve taken what we do for the corporate market and offer this approach to weddings.  We aren’t the traditional wedding videographers and so we’re proud to show this part of the company off.  To learn more check out our weddings